Chamonix — Powder Day

About This Project

One year in Chamonix, France, was an incredible experience. The skiing, like the views, culture and the lifestyle, were as good as it gets. The town is nestled in a valley surrounded by very steep and tall mountains. Each mountain is a world class ski hill.


I forget how the introduction was made, but I think my girlfriend at the time had met a young, motivated, skier named Leo Slemett who was interested in being photographed. I soon met with him, Jordan Bricheux, and snowboarders Camille Armand and Corentin (Coco) Leroy. They were all part of a freeride club called Young Riders Crew. I had no idea that two years later three of these four guys would be representing France on the Freeride World Tour –  Leo eventually become the world champion. It was immediately apparent that these were no ordinary athletes though. One day skiing with Leo, at Les Grands Montets, he straight-lined a steep icy run faster than I could believe. I remember thinking that this was not normal. On powder days the crew would throw backflips and double backflips of nearly anything. All of these photos were from just one glorious powder day in the sunshine – a ski day I hope never to forget.

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