Legendary Whistler Cliffs

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Photography, Skiing, Whistler
About This Project

These photos are of the two most legendary cliffs on Whistler Mountain: Tower 27 and Air Jordan. There are others, but these ones are in high visibility areas which give them extra attention.

Austin Ross – Tower 27: Just about everyone takes the gondi to the top of the mountain and has looked out at the huge cliff by the 27th gondola tower. Once in a while, when the snow is really deep, you’ll see a big bomb hole and tracks at the bottom of it. It’s landing is quite flat for cliff hucking standards so Austin Ross really trusted me when I told him I had scouted the landing and it was nearly bottomless. I thought he was going to straight air it, but he decided to throw down the biggest front flip I’ve ever seen. The added beauty of this shot is the timing of the gondola cabin full of yellow jacketed “slow patrolers:” the folks that think going fast isn’t very fun. They seem oblivious to the gnarly event taking place right over them.

Matt Elliott – Air Jordan: On any given powder day on Whistler mountain there is a race to be first in line for the Peak Chair and there is a race over to the big double cliff known as Air Jordan. There’s also an optional third cliff below, which Matt 360’d after this sequence. Peak Chair always an enormous line on good snow days so Air Jordan comes with a huge audience of pow hungry skiers and snowboarders. The cheers bounce off the walls of the cliff like a giant amphitheatre, then you ski up to the lift line, for better or worse.