Les Trois Valées, France

Photo, Skiing
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About This Project

Like many things in Whistler BC, the trip was conceived in a hot tub, where Tomy Fourrier and I were drinking wine and relaxing after an epic powder day. “Isn’t it incredible how much terrain there is here?” I asked my friend from the French Alps. Whistler Blackcomb is the largest ski area in North America, so I was definitely expecting a nod rather than a “non.” Little did I know that Tomy’s resort of Méribel was a behemoth and part of Les Trois Valées, which is the largest ski area in the entire world. That night I looked at the trail maps and made plans to move to Méribel the following winter.


Tomy is an excellent skier and his precision style in powder, park, and cliffs was incredible to witness, photograph and learn from. Sadly his season ended early when a big cliff landing busted his knee. It was time to search for other athletes, and as an official photographer for Méribel, it wasn’t too difficult. Thomas Théberge was my first contact and he introduced me to his whole crew. They were filming and photographing nearly every day and I was welcomed along for the ride. Lao Chazelas, Pierre Antoine Chedal and Thomas were the main crew, and Jerome (Bebaire) Beriloz was often the lone snowboarder at the sessions. We spent many days shovelling huge jumps in the sun, photographing huge tricks off of them and celebrating afterwards.


This was a winter which I will never forget.